I’ll admit, as a millennial, I often interact with people more through a screen (cell-phones, computers, tablets) than face to face. I believe that because of this I have become less comfortable with eye contact and in-person interaction. After leaving my hometown in New York in search of something more, I bounced around for a little while and then decided to move to Arizona on a whim, where I knew next to no one. Upon moving I developed this project to inspire genuine connection with the people I was meeting and getting to know. I have learned to connect through the camera over the years, and have always sought to make others feel more comfortable in front of my lens. So I started making these five-minute portraits of friends and sometimes strangers, and these images are the result. If you look closely at the images you can see their stories written on their faces. There is an innocence portrayed in these images that I feel is the closest I could get to capturing someone’s true essence as a human being in a single photograph. I had no idea I would meet so many interesting and inspiring people here in the Valley of the Sun, the place I now confidently call home, but here they are documented in photographs. 

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